Fuller Fulfillment
Fuller Fulfillment

Techbarn fulfillment solutions start with a basic premise—your business is unique. Where other fulfillment providers take a one-size-fits-all approach using off-the-shelf technology, we customize our programs to your company’s specific attributes and idiosyncrasies. We build each storefront and fulfillment system individually, using advanced technology designed for each client’s situation, and we deliver uncommon reliability and support. Every interaction we have with your customers, from personalized correspondence to the color and shape of packaging, fits your branding and business needs.

  • Customized ordering and pick-and-pack to meet your channel needs
  • Value-based design and engineering of your sample kits and displays
  • Highly flexible reporting to track consumer and channel use of your materials
  • Extraordinary customer support to users and your team
Easier E-Commerce
Easier E-Commerce

E-commerce with Techbarn is a completely turn-key system. It begins with branding and ends with satisfied customers. For you, it’s that simple. But the services we provide, from highly customizable store design to complete inventory management, are extremely sophisticated. Techbarn storefront technology allows you to set variable pricing and order quantities, report stock position in real time, and integrate with your force.com or CRM system. Best of all, our role in your customer experience is undetectable.

  • Flexible storefront design seamlessly integrates into your web site
  • Our systems coordinate in real time with inventory levels and shipping status
  • Built-in email and text notifications provide immediate order status and shipping information
  • Techbarn incorporates lead management functions with APIs to your systems
Super Channel Support
Super Channel Support

Your selling channel is at the heart of your success. Our success comes from understanding the importance of your channel relationships and our ability to develop innovative systems that strengthen your channel. Our passion for mastering the latest technology makes managing marketing resources and sales programs effortless for you. More important, they can give your company a competitive adantage in today’s marketplace.

  • Rebates and sales promotion programs customized to your business model
  • Data analytics and purchase-likelihood modeling provide powerful feedback
  • Social media and video training platforms support channel activities
  • Dealer display inventory and store locater technology deliver measurable results