Product and Sample Fulfillment


At techbarn we pride ourselves on helping our clients use best practices to create fulfillment processes that better target your markets. Our processes fit your specific fulfillment needs – reducing your overall fulfillment costs.

We understand there is useful marketing information in what many consider “just a name and address and a request for literature.” Our goal is to help you analyze this data to provide targeted marketing so you spend your marketing dollars on your best prospects and customers.

Our programs also support customized content and processes to ensure your fulfillment dollars are spent effectively.

We can also customize and approach B2B fulfillment solutions for ongoing and project work based on your specific needs. Our customized solutions – whether ongoing or for a specific project are tailored to your program requirements.

We are conveniently located in the Midwest so your materials can reach most any destination in the country within 3 business days. This also helps to minimize shipping costs, allowing you to put more marketing dollars toward your best prospects and customers.

Our B2C fulfillment is also customized based on your specific business rules. We personalize and customize each communication based on your pre-determined criteria.

To learn more about how techbarn can help you get more out of your marketing budget please contact us.