Location Analysis


The three most important considerations in business are location, location, location. Whether you are starting a new business or adding locations to a current business, detailed and accurate location analysis helps you improve your chances of success.

Techbarn can help find the optimal location with our location analysis service.

We partner with you to understand your business and help define the significant variables needed to find the model locations. Techbarn has the unique ability to incorporate socio-economic and demographic segmentation household level data to each analysis, ensuring you know the core profile of customers that you serve. Techbarn can search for the same core customer profile in many areas – creating location possibilities you may not have even envisioned.

Visualizing the prospective location(s) is key. Mapping plays an integral role as the final step of the analysis – allowing you to see exactly where your key potential customers live in relation to your optimal location(s). Our mapping capabilities can also provide excellent visual displays to assist in presentations.

For more information on how techbarn can help you locate the perfect location for your business or pinpoint your target market contact us today.