Lead Scoring


Looking for a more successful marketing program? Techbarn has developed several customized lead scoring systems for our clients with proven results. Our process involves statistical analysis of existing prospect and customer data and results in a purchase-likelihood model that will assist your sales organization with the right tactics necessary to close the sale.

Models can be customized to include local or regional differences between selling locations served by dealers and distributors. Factors like purchase timing, gender and the type of source can also be included. In addition, the scores can be used to evaluate your marketing tactics like media purchases and marketing spending to lower your overall costs.

The process involves gathering data and developing a model with a scoring system that supports your needs. Many clients use our batch services to score leads and then distribute them to their sales teams through packaged sales force automation tools. Other clients take advantage of our real time scoring service, available as a web-service call and capable of real time support to call centers and other systems. Still others use our data appending services to verify the information provided and supplement the overall score.

If you would like techbarn to help you better pinpoint your target market contact us today.