Lead Profiling


You’ve heard the old saying “80% of your sales come from 20% of your clients”. What if you could easily target the 20% who are ready to buy? Now you can.

Techbarn can identify your most valuable selling information segmented in real time without the need for extensive IT infrastructure. More revenue can be earned by prioritizing sales efforts in an easy to read format and giving your sales force easy access.

Unfortunately not many companies do this and as a result your sales force can be wasting more than 20% of its time talking to unqualified leads or leads who are qualified, but not ready to buy.

Leads can be retrieved as they are collected, then delivered to your sales force real-time via email, SMS or directly into your CRM system, providing accurate, measurable segmentation that helps guide selling tactics to improve conversion rates and better measure marketing efforts.

This service is available in a variety of formats and can support mobile and desktop devices. Whether you need a complete CRM system solution or just a means to segment your lead population, techbarn can help.

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