Email Marketing


More and more businesses these days are implementing email marketing in their cross-channel communication and marketing mix.

To start this process you need to create a single view of the customers by connecting analytics, databases and email marketing software.

Profiling and segmenting customers and prospects in order to fully engage them with a personalized and relevant message is the key to success. You need to meet them with relevant creative content where they are in the purchase process.

This can be done in a number of methods driven by customer data, behavioral profiling and lead scoring.

Performing these tasks individually can hinder the effectiveness of your program. You need a company that can bring all of these aspects together and help you take the next step to a more efficient marketing plan that will bring sales to the next level.

Unfortunately the limits of the email marketing products available today are lacking what you need to be successful. They do not offer the necessary possibilities to:

  • Integrate and use scenario driven features.
  • Use a solid cross channel marketing approach.
  • Connect CRM and customer databases using strong data and page flow technologies.
  • Offer customer focused rather than message focused communication.

Techbarn can help with a complete email marketing solution that can tie together profiling, segmentation, scoring and appropriate messaging to help you get the best results possible from every email sent.

For more information on how techbarn can help generate more quality, ready to buy leads from your email campaign, contact us today.